Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Tires

Tires should be taken care of for the next race, and we miraculously seem to have done it pretty cheap. We've got three sets of really different tires.

On the 14" steelies that came with the Integra we have some Falken Azenis RT-615 which we got really cheaply at They were only $254 shipped, and if the $80 rebate ever shows up we will have gotten them for under $45 a tire.

Nick's old tires, some mostly used Toyo Proxes T1R's, are now on the daisy rims. They probably have a day of racing in them since they have a higher treadwear and we've heard they work well at LeMons.

The leftover Hankook Ventus RS-2 tires are on the Nick's old aftermarket miata rims. They'll serve as backups and for testing.