Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011 Where the Elite Meet to Cheat - Sunday

William prepared us for Sunday with the "Bacon Explosion".  I assumed the name was figurative.  Craig experienced the literal interpretation later in the afternoon.

The track was dry in the morning and I managed to set some fast laps without getting into trouble.  Dave took the next stint but the rain returned.

Craig took the last stint in OLPD and Doug loaned us his GoPro to mount to the tail.  The video turned out fantastic.  He passes me in Turbo Schnitzel at about 18:00, but not before I demonstrate the amazing power that the Schnitzel has in the straights and then almost lose it in the turn.

The rain had continued all day and the race got called about 30min early due to lightning.  We ended up packing up in the drizzle.

We learned from one of the guys on the Tortoise team (class B winners) that the Condos overlooking the track could be rented.  Not only would we have gotten beds to sleep in we'd have gotten an awesome view of the track!  Next time!

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