Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pull-A-Part Bust

It turns out our radiator is mildly FUBAR'd. The radiator is mounted with pins that fit into rubber grommets. 3 of the 4 pins had been snapped off, so we figured we'd go find another at the Pull-A-Part. We also figured we might find some 15x6 wheels to better shod the Civic with.The web promised that the south Atlanta location had 9 4th gen (88-91) Civics on the lot. Unfortunately what the web doesn't tell you is that they are as picked over as a cow in a piranha pond. The only radiator we found was nearly folded in half.
We didn't do any better finding wheels. I had always assumed that the wheels were stacked separately somewhere since they had been stripped off of almost every car on the lot. I got a funny look when I asked where they were. Evidently the wheels are all gone because they get poached as soon as the car hits the lot.
Dejected at our fruitless trip we left. On the way back we stopped at a hubcap place that had stacks of steel wheels quietly rusting away. They wanted $53 each. We kept on driving.
On the plus side we found a new radiator on ebay for $20. That's right, $20. It's on it's way.

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