Sunday, July 19, 2009

Team Consolidation

The Turbo Schnitzel Team had a bit of a crisis. They had whittled their way down to a three man team to optimize their chances at winning the race. That decision left them sensitive to any perturbation of their plans. And perturbed they were when Dave announced that he wasn't going to make it to the race because he'd be training that weekend. Wanting to keep the triumvirate intact, Craig and Jeff were considering hanging up their liederhosen.

The OLPD team itself was short a couple of members as Travis and Nick weren't going to be able to race due to school/money concerns, so we've adopted the remaining schnitzels into the OLPD fold. In addition, we've also added Jason, a coworker of Leslie's and fast car aficionado.

So the 2009 Fall OLPD linup is:

Brian VanHiel
Leslie VanHiel
Mark Berkobin
Jason Tidwell
Craig Cochran
Jeff Juskowich

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