Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 1: Arrival and Tech

We left the office in Atlanta at about 7pm on Thursday. After a dinner stop at a Waffle House along the way and a 2 hour shopping trip at Walmart in Camden, we rolled into CMP (Carolina Motorsports Park) at about 2:30am. We spent much of the trip up talking about our shtick at BS judging. We had a lot of great ideas.

Our favorite spot had been taken, so we set up camp next door. We blearily set up tents and tried to get a few hours sleep.

On Friday morning we tech'd the car first thing. We were worried about the lack of seat bracing in the cage, so we wanted to tech early so we could fix problems if necessary. The seat proved not to be a problem, though I think we need some better support for next time. What they did ding us for was minor and could be quickly fixed: clear tape over the windshield cracks, foil tape over some of the holes in the trunk floor, and a bigger lightning bolt indicating the location of the emergency kill switch.

We had signed up for practice laps. We got 5 20min stints that were spaced about an hour apart. Each of us took a stint to try out the car. She was definately a different beast than last time. The extra power of the Integra motor kept it from feeling like a chore to push her around the track. In between stints we took care of the tech issues and Jeff put the decals on the car. By the time 4pm rolled around we were ready for BS.

Our skit was pretty eleborate. We were pretending to be crop dusters who had just set down to fill up on fuel. Craig and I asked suspicious questions like "Exactly what kind of judging is going on here?". Once we had established that they weren't "govmnt" judges we signalled to Mark who ran up clutching our contraband: foam blocks covered in parsley flakes designed to look like bricks of pot.

We didn't even get to the part where we explained that Big Ag was in cahoots with the government to put pot in all our food. The judges were amused enough to send us on with 0 laps without even opening the hood.

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