Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's a jungle in there.

We've made a few mistakes with the wiring. I guess we'll just have to know better for next time.

Our goal was to use the entire harness out of the integra to simplify any engine-ecu confusion. That part of the plan worked pretty well.

Our first mistake was starting to strip unused wiring out of the harness before we knew for sure we didn't need it. We reduced the rear harness to just the brake lights, fuel pump and fuel gauge sending unit. That was fine until we realized that the only thing keeping us from driving it on the street was the lack of turn signals and headlights.

Our second mistake was putting the fuse box in the center of the dash. This one was more of a lesser of two evils choice. The stock position, underneath the steering wheel, would have been a nightmare to work on. The upside is that all of the harness lengths would be right.

The third thing we learned is that grounds are important. There a probably a dozen different grounds on the harness, and any one of then can (and did!) keep the car from running.

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