Saturday, January 2, 2010


So we've finally started to make some progress. We ordered a used limited slip from Japan on eBay. We were pleasantly surprised that it actually showed up.

We found some YouTube videos that make it look pretty easy to put in. The first video shows how to take the open diff out. The second shows how the limited slip differential goes in, and the third shows how to put the transmission back together.

Evans Tuning Video 1
Evans Tuning Video 2
Evans Tuning Video 3

So we pulled the motor out and got to work. While the motor is out we'll take the opportunity to modify the motor mounts. When we first put the motor in we noticed it came close to the front radius rods that run from the lower x-member to the lower links of the front suspension. Lowering the front x-member on spacers fixed the problem but created a new one. The reduced caster makes the car feel a bit more squirrely. Moving the motor up .5" will allow us to put the geometry back to stock.

Here's what the inside of our transmission looks like.

The videos are great, but they assume that you're doing the job right and not "the LeMons way". They used new bearings and bolts. We're going to use the old bearings and cross our fingers because we don't want to spend another $70. You'll notice that the old differential has sealed bearings and the LSD that came has tapered roller bearings. We'll need to press the bearings off and put them on the LSD without destrying them.

Mark also took the time to take the puny front anti-sway bar off. We need a stiff one at the rear to let our front tires have more grip. Hopefully we can find something off a bus.

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