Sunday, January 24, 2010

Seat Brace

One of the items we needed to address for the next race was the seat. To be in accordance with the rules the seatback must be restrained from going backwards. In many cars the harness bar will serve this purpose but in the Civic the harness bar is about a foot back from the seat with an average sized driver. We snuck through tech the last time by having the seat back a bit further than normal. Not wanting to risk it again, we decided to get a brace installed.

The off-the-shelf solution is a bar like the one from I/O Port Racing:

The I/O Port model is aluminum and ~$90. Being cheap we decided to make one at 1/2 the cost and about 4x the weight. We bought some telescoping steel tubing from McMaster-Carr and welded up some scrap. Here's the result:

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