Sunday, February 28, 2010

Engine installed!

I found an engine on Craigslist this week. It was just a long block, but it was only $350. We figured we could put it in and rebuild our original B18 while still being able to drive the car around.

It took Mark and I most of the weekend to get it in, but she started right up!

Much of the time was spent switching manifolds and other bits. If we get the time, I'd love to go get a second set of those bits to make swapping motors something we can do quickly. We also should consider re-helicoiling the block. The helicoils at the mount are a bit messed up.

Here's what we'd need:
94 wiring harness
Driver's side motor mount
Exhaust manifold and downpipe
Intake manifold
Clutch and flywheel

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