Friday, February 19, 2010

To Do List for May

  • Create checklists - We need some pre-race and pit stop checklists to make sure lug nuts are tight and that there is oil in the car. I'd also like to log driver time and fuel loads.

  • Rebuild/Replace Engine - The first step is to get the current engine out of the car and see what's broken. Then, fix it. We at minimum need a connecting rod and a rod bearing. The valve guides are probably shot as well.

  • More Wheels - The Miata daisy wheels we have are very light. I'd like to get another set and have a backup set of tires on them (more Azenis).

  • Gut It - Remove any excess weight. Cut out door interiors, remove stiffeners, and drill big holes in the wing spar.

  • Brakes - The brakes worked great. We just need to flush the fluid and check the pad thickness.

  • Steering - Check for clunking and look for a higher ratio rack.

  • Steering Wheel - A smaller wheel would make getting in/out easier.

  • Seat - A real race seat would be nice.

  • Door Bars - Once the interior is gutted we can put in Nascar style door bars to give us a bit more space.

  • Gas Cans - Our experiment in modifying our gas cans failed. We need to just pony up and buy decent cans.

  • Direct Downforce - Connect the rear wing spring to the sway bar to carry the load to the wheels.

  • Rudder - Use the sway bar ends to turn the 210 rudder.

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