Monday, May 3, 2010

Yaw Control

Because the wing is not quite absurd enough on its own, we decided to add some additional airplane parts. We're thinking of using parking brake cables hooked up to the swaybar to actuate it.


  1. Interesting. It seems that the sway bars will not send a yaw signal as much as a roll signal. As well, if a rudder turns to counter oversteer when there is roll but no oversteer won't that cause massive understeer?

    But it is way cool. I think you're going to need some kind of accelerometer to detect actual yaw.

  2. I think that if anything it will provide more of a counterbalancing roll torque to the weight of the wing. The track setup at CMP is mostly right hand turns, so maybe we'll just "trim" it to the right.

    It's primary purpose, however, will be to distract the judges so they don't spend too much time looking under the hood.

  3. Very cool. You guys have fun and I'll follow your exploits!

    (we met at ACE today)

  4. Saw your car today at Turner Field after wandering down from the drift event next door. You clearly had far and away the most interesting car at either event. Some of those drift guys could have learned a thing or two about downforce from you.

    They thought they had real wings on their cars... HA!