Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting ready for fall.

We're getting ready for the fall race, and it may be our cheapest yet. We haven't had to spend much on the car, just a head gasket and some new plugs. The old gasket looked fine, so my suspicions on the cause of our overheating now turn to the radiator cap failing. A new 16lb cap and some cooling fans will hopefully keep us on the track. We took the opportunity to check out the head and harvest the ARP studs from the old engine to put in the current one, so I don't feel like we did any extra work even though the head gasket was fine.

We've got two new team members for this race. The complete roster is: Brian, Craig, Seth, and Steve. Both Seth and Steve are into drifting and hence have some tire hookups. Seth was able to get our fresh set of Azenis mounted for us. Hopefully there's a real alignment in the future too!

Emissions have been a bit of a problem. I tried testing it without any changes. We pretty much failed everything. Next I swapped out the "test pipe" and put the crappy aftermarket cat that was in the Civic back in. On the retest we did better, but still failed NOx by a small margin. Over this last weekend Seth put what I think is the OEM cat from the '95 Integra in. It's got a horrible exhaust leak, but it should pass this time around.

Seth also had an old 5" tach lying around that we've mounted. Hopefully it will keep me from bouncing the rev limiter on every shift.

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