Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LeMons South Fall 2010 - Friday

A special thanks to Phil's BS camera for the photo.

Craig and I didn't finish packing up the car until close to midnight on Thursday, so we decided to leave Friday morning and set up in the daylight knowing that we'd probably end up with a camping spot in the boonies. We got to CMP around noon and were surprised to see that there was a spot next to the Tunachuckers directly across from the judging area.

With Johnny gone they were short handed on BS judging and I happened to be standing in the right place and got handed a robe. I realized after a few minutes just how much car knowledge Phil and Jay have and spent most of my time watching them work and trying figure out a way I could contribute.

Our Lady finally made it through tech and Phil spoiled the moment by opening the hood. Seeing the B-18 in there he bumped us up to class A but didn't give us any laps.

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  1. Hi,
    Saw you guys out at CMP South. Fantastic car!

    I'm with Speedycop / Team Police Brutality and we're working on a theme for New Orleans that might include a rudder like yours. Would you mind sharing how you set yours up? Pix?

    Also, where did you source all the aircraft parts? If nothing else, I'd like to just walk thru an aircraft salvage yard. Imagine teh pickins!

    DC Doug
    dskirchberg [at] g mail [DOT] com