Friday, September 21, 2012

2012 Lemons South Fall - Friday

We've been working on a new theme for a few weeks. Friday morning it all started to come together as the printed graphics went on to the car. It was a thing of beauty.  Stephen put together the side graphics in exchange for lunch and the promise of future car repairs. He also created the t-shirt designs which are equally stunning.  Dave did the hood graphic and figured out the lettering. We got the full set printed at Meteor. Fortunately they were able to turn them around in a couple of days.

The afternoon was a little less relaxed than I hoped.  Lemons has started doing their own tech inspections and there were quite a few cages that failed tech despite being CMP veterans.  We were no exception.  The front cage spreader plate welds had gaps at the corrugations of the sheet metal floor.  We borrowed a spatter welder and were able to throw enough metal in the general direction to get the car to pass tech.

This year was the third time that the BS judging was held in Camden's downtown.  It's a fun event, where the cars are towed down and then driven in a parade to a 3 hour block party.  It's a fantastic way to see the other cars and racers, since it forces everyone into closer quarters.  Unfortunately the area designated for parking the trailers was far too small.  We ended up about a half mile away as ~100 trailers lined up along a side street one after another.  A bit of an inconvenience, but worth it.

We managed to talk Phil into giving us the same class as the Turbo Schnitzel.  He offered us either class A with 0 laps, or class B with a 5 lap penalty.  We took the latter.

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