Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 Lemons South Fall - Sunday

Britton took the wheel of the newly repaired car for the 2 hour morning session before the Sunday 11-12 quiet hour.  A little more than an hour in he was black flagged for contact with the 124 Fiat.  He had been getting a bit too aggressive going into turn 1 and now our front bumper was left out on the track.

We made it over to the judging area before him and were waiting with Jay, Phil and Mary.  I cringed as I saw him come off the track and start to turn through the off-limits spectator area to get to judging.  "NO!, NO!, NO!" I screamed over the radio before he gave us a black flag double-whammy.  He froze and eventually figured out the correct path to navigate.  The judges were amused with our "self-policing" and let him back on the track with a promise of no more bad behavior.

At an hour and 45 minutes in, the car was sputtering as the gas ran out.  Britton came in and we weren't yet ready, so we sent him around the track once more.  The second time he drove right by us and went straight to the judging area.  He had ignored the blend line when he came back on the track and they had black flagged him.  They gave us a warning, he went around again, and we finally got to put fuel, and Dave, into the car.

Dave finished out the session and resumed it after the break.  He actually made the gas last for 2 hours... because a big chunk of it was spent under yellow.  Dave himself was almost wrapped up in one of them.  Here's the video that the Thing 112 car captured:

He managed to keep his tail intact, and I went into the car with ~2 hours to go.  The herd had thinned, and I was able to drive fast.  We had to make a stop to put a few more gallons in, but the car drove strong up to the end. We had packed up during the day, so there was little left to do once I hopped out of the car.  I was able to take a quick show, we loaded the car up and started the trek home.

Our overall standing was 18th place.  Not bad considering we had lost a chunk of time on Saturday and had accepted a 5 lap penalty (we would have been in 15th place without those laps).  No awards, but we did get a mention in the wrap up video:

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