Thursday, April 2, 2009

Buttoning Up

The final pieces are finally sliding into place, but it looks like we will be arriving in Kershaw without having tested the ducting and skirt. It's 4:50AM. They guys are getting their stuff together and then we'll put the car on the trailer to go. I doubt we'll be in Kershaw until noon.
One of the unsolved problems, or rather problem we thought we had solved but hadn't, is the connection of the duct to the skirt. I had orignally imagined that the duct would connect to the floor behind the passenger seat and then a bellows would connect the skirt to the bottom of the car. The problem we discovered is that the bellows would be mere inches from the exhaust and catalytic converter running down the centerline of the car. Most of the materials we imagined for the bellows would ignite. We would not have been happy.
So instead we are using some HVAC ducting. The size is only 12" diameter, which doesn't give us that much space to pump air through. If the flow is too choked it may kill our downforce. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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