Sunday, April 5, 2009


We did it! The Dangerous Banned Technology Award is ours! Even better news is that the Turbo Schnitzel team has won the Peoples Choice Award!

TS started loosing gears and finally ended up with only 5th. After frying their clutch trying to get it around the track they pulled the tranny. Fortunately the transmission angel floated by and showed them how they could fix it with a 5 cent roll pin. Unfortunately they had toasted their rare Merkur clutch and their only spare (which itself was toasted, but less so) was in Atlanta. A few hours of driving to meet the guy they had roped into being the parts courier and an all nighter later they had a car that ran. In third. With no clutch. They still managed to get through another 2 hours of racing.

Meanwhile we suffered from our lack of foresight. We went through our brake pads at a staggering rate. One set only made it 'til afternoon on Saturday, and the set we bought to replace them only lasted a couple of hours on Sunday. Each time cost us about 2 hours to drive and pick up parts. Not to mention that we almost killed Nick because we didn't tighten the lugnuts after lowering the car. He found out mid turn when the only tight one snapped and the wheel went all wobbly. Fortunately the other 3 held, so we tightened them down and sent him back out. In the end we lost to TS by 3 laps.

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