Friday, April 3, 2009

It works!

We ran the system this afternoon and it pulled 3 inH2O under the skirt. That equates to about 420lb of downforce! That's not even counting the additional 500 lbs of equipment that we've got bolted to the car to create it. I think we could have gotten a lot more if we didn't have such a restrictive connection to the skirt.

But... they're not going to let us race with it. We never properly solved our fuel problem with the CB750 motor, and the track manager didn't like that we could rub our skirt with the wheels at full steering lock. Neither problem was insurmountable, but given the amount of time we'd take to get them fixed, and our complete lack of experience actually driving the car, we ended up stripping out the system for the race. This had been our backup plan the whole time, but it still hurt to use it. It's like pulling the eject lever and watching your plane nose dive into the ground. You can't help but think you could have saved it.

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