Friday, August 7, 2009

Stupid $@*# Motor Mounts

Having gotten the appropriate mount for the hydraulic clutch transmission, we giddily hoisted the motor up expecting it to drop sweetly into place.

It didn't.

Pretty much everything was wrong. The driver side mount was 15 degrees off and the rear motor mount "T" bracket was trying to punch through the firewall. A little more research and a question on Honda-Tech confirmed that we had no idea what we were doing.

The motor had come from a '95 Integra. Even though it's the same motor as the '93, the mount brackets are different. The driver's side bracket and the rear "T" bracket needed to be replaced with '93 versions to use the mount kit that we had.

We tried to get the bracket and some other things at the Pull-A-Part, but most of the engines had already been pulled. We found one '91 with the motor intact, but it was a automatic and the T bracket wasn't the same. It did provide us with the driver's side bracket that we needed.

Couldn't find the T bracket at M&R, the salvage place near my house, so I ended up driving to Honda Parts Connection. It was like the elephant graveyard for Hondas. They hooked me up with the bracket and the guys there had some great advice on some of the other questions we had (thanks Chris).

So with our new array of brackets installed we hoisted the motor again. We were a bit more somber this time. Even with our lowered expectations we were still disappointed. We were able to get the transmission side and driver side mounts in with some effort, but the rear mount was at least 1/2" off. In addition, the motor was crooked in two different planes. The transmission mount needs to move back 3/4" and the drivers side mount needs to move up 1-1/8" relative to the motor. Time to get the welder out.

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