Monday, March 30, 2009

Fuel woes fixed?!

So at some point we had, in addition to the regular fuel system, an additional electric fuel pump, a by-pass style regulator and a dead head style regulator all hooked up with a maze of tubing in a vain attempt at supplying the motorcycle motor with fuel. Fuel was everywhere. We eventually gave up on regulators and decided to buy a fuel cell so we could gravity feed the CB750. This lead to our next problem.

Without building a fuel bulkhead of inpenetrable steel, we would need to buy an FIA approved fuel cell. These are high ticket items with an internal bladder that has to meet FIA specs. Summit Racing doesn't even carry them. Unfortunately that didn't keep them from selling us one. After noting the lack of certification labels I got worried and started poking around the internet to learn the details of what makes an FIA cell. I confirmed with Jay and Dan at LeMons HQ. All seemed hosed.

But today: success! I think we fixed the problem! And ironically we did it by removing nearly everything we added. I think it was Nick and John that found this incredibly elegant solution. All we did was move the return line so that it had a curcuit that ran higher than the carb intake. We then tee'd off the return line at that point and voila, we had a fuel system delivering at low-low pressure.

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