Thursday, March 12, 2009

Need New Belts

We've had our racing harness sitting around for a while now. The cage needed to be in before we could install it. More recently we've been putting it off because we still had various bits to be welded, and we didn't want to risk damaging the webbing.

Now that we finally got them in.... they're too long. We have the kind with the bolt plates at the end of the shoulder harnesses and there's too much slack for the adjustment to take up. I've got the ones that loop around the cage on order.

We also noticed that the angle they make with our shoulders is much more than the 15 degrees in the LeMons rules. Partially because the SCCA rules specified 0-20 degrees, and also due to the fact that our shoulders come over the point on the seat back to which I measured. We'll be cutting out those tubes and putting the proper height ones in this weekend.

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