Thursday, March 12, 2009

Magic Hub

Now that the motor runs we need to connect it to our fan. The simplest way seems to be to use the motorcycle's chain and turn the fan like it was the rear wheel of the bike. This lets us use the transmission to have some control over the motor/fan speed and to use the clutch if we need to.
The only trick is to find a way to mount a sprocket on the fan. Unfortunately the fan shaft is a 1-13/16" diameter: not exactly a stock size for a Honda chain ring. Thus we need an adapter hub. This one is designed to be built from a 3" piece of round stock and a 3/8" plate. We're having it built by a local fab shop because we don't want to spend $200 just to buy a broach.
Update 3/24/09: McMaster carries bushing mount sprockets for ANSI 50 chain which is compatible with the 530 chain that most motorcycles use. While McMaster doesn't carry 1-13/16" Taper-Lock bushings, Grainger does.

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