Sunday, March 22, 2009

Look upon my works and despair...

Our big challenge for the last couple of weeks was figuring out how to mount the fan securely. I was imagining a big water-jet cut piece of .25" steel that we could bolt the fan to that would extend out and attach to the roll cage. This made me sad, as it would be time consuming and expensive.
Then a big lightbulb smashed against my head while I was scrounging scrap metal in the shop. I came across a steel ring we had gotten when we were trying to mount a better vent fan in the server closet. It was essentially a piece of angle iron that had been rolled into a hoop. Fortunately McMaster had a large variety of sizes including a 24" diameter that would perfectly fit our fan's bolt circle. After adding some .125" gusseting around it, I'm pretty sure the car would have to be completely destroyed for that fan to move.

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