Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Only 4 days until the race. There is still much to do. On the plus side, much has gotten done. the car itself is pretty much race ready. Only a few minor details like roll bar padding remain on making the base civic ready for the race.

The fan system needs a bit more work. The fan itself is installed and we have a sprocket for it. The mating sprocket for the CB750 motor should arrive today. That means tonight we potentially can have the motor turning the fan and creating more noise and safety risk in my driveway. The motor is mounted and seems to run OK on most of it's cylinders. We still need to armor the fuel lines so they don't get torn apart by bits of gravel.

The manifold is close to complete. I've welded up 90% of the frame. Mark is halfway done with the lightening/air passage holes in the center spar. Once he's done we just need to weld it in place and put on the skin. The sleeves that it mounts to on the car are already welded in and I've made the shackles, so it will be ready to hang tonight.

The big thing remaining is the ductwork. My dad came by on Sunday and Monday and helped us get a head start on it, but there's a lot of stuff to figure out. We've got to cut the hole in the floor and get some kind of bellows between the body and manifold.

Wish us luck!

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